Reports & interviews

Company presentation film 2018
Producer of Fischer JET plast (Plastic Blast Media) Type II, Type III and Type V with MIL-P-85891 Made in Germany


Torbo Newsletter 2014
The Spanish Air Force uses Fischer JETplast in combination with a wet sandblast sytem from the company Torbo.


MFN – Interview 2011
Interview with Andreas Fischer, Executive Director of Fischer GmbH: Plastic Blast Media Fischer JETplast – A Success Story Goes Into Second Generation


Besser Lackieren – article 2010
Working gently on surfaces with plastic media blasting – Technical report by Export-Manager Hans-Heiner Sochurek


MFN – Interview 2010
Plastic Media Blasting Type V – interview with technical adviser Volker Ulrich and Export Manager Hans-Heiner Sochurek


MFN – Interview 2009
Plastic Media Blasting, a Tradition for 30 years interview with Dipl.-Ing. Volker Fischer and Export Manager Hans-Heiner Sochure


Mo – article 2008
Plastic Blast Media on the advance – worldwide-


Plastic Blast Media from 1979 until today


For further infos we recommend you a study from the TU-Berlin whose result was published in an article of the magazine ‘JOT’ (issue 2/2003).

article 2001
Restauration of the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin in the year 2001